What If We All Just Stopped Trying To Lose Weight?

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What If We All Just Stopped Trying To Lose Weight?

This was originally published May 22, 2013 in Scientific American’s Food Matters By focusing on weight, we may be missing the broader picture of what it means to be healthy. Brian Mattson is not the picture of health. Few would look at him and say: “There’s a healthy fellow.” But that’s a shame, because Mattson […]

Getting back into it with a sandwich

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It’s been a while! I’ve been finishing up grad school and starting a new job, so I haven’t had much time for producing new content or updating this site at all, really. This will change, I promise, starting now, with what isn’t really new content. I’d been meaning to get this video (one of my […]

Most Appetizing Film: Carrboro Film Fest 2012

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I have the deep, deep, honor of being awarded the certificate for “Most Appetizing Film” at the  2012 Carrboro film festival. I’m pretty sure it’s a category that they made up just for my piece, but nonetheless, I am proud to have made an impression. Mostly, I’m happy to have been on the same list […]