Scientific American launched its Food Matters blog in the fall of 2013. I was invited on as one if its regular contributors after the success of my guest post titled “Dear American Consumers, Please Don’t Start Eating Healthfully, Sincerely, the Food Industry,” which was Scientific American’s 2013 blog of the year, and at the time of its publishing, the most-read blog post in Scientific American history.

Below you can read about the launch of the group blog, which includes a video interview with NYTimes’ Andy Revkin and my fellow bloggers:


Exploring the New Food Focus at Scientific American

By Andy Revkin, Sep. 3, 2013


You can find an archive of all my posts at my author page, linked below. PS, as of Dec 2015 Scientific American is undergoing a web overhaul, which has wreaked a bit of havoc on some of the formatting, so if you are seeing missed apostrophes or a picture is out of place, please be patient with our editors, they’re working hard to get everything fixed.


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