Oceana is the world’s largest advocacy group working solely to protect the worlds’ oceans. I provide editorial and digital media support for Oceana’s campaigns in North America, contributing writing, design, photography, illustration, animation and general communicationss support for reports, events, and other major campaign projects.

Shark Fine Trade Ban Animation

I produced this animation to  support Oceana’s work to help pass the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act.


One Name One Fish

I produced this video help promote the release of the One Name One Fish report highlighting the need to improve the way we label and name seafood in the United States.



Fish Stories: Success and Value in Seafood Traceability

The purpose of this video was to demonstrate a wide range of industry support for full-chain seafood traceability. Telling a fish’s story is feasible and profitable.



Salmon Report

In addition to helping write the report linked above, I also wrote a post for Scientific American Food Matters. An excerpt, below:

To Every Scam There is a Season: Report Shows Salmon Fraud Prevalent in Winter

6E066B3C-F04D-4AB4-A66C7A7B84C006EA_articleIt’s January. Snow is falling and you decide it’s a good night to take your sweetie to that nice seafood place that just opened down the street. The special is wild Pacific salmon fillet, served with caper butter, a farro crostini and a single dry-aged Brussels sprout. It pairs quite well with the chardonnay, says the waiter. The lighting is perfect. The muted conversation of your fellow diners blends subtly with a tasteful Americana tune and the clink of dinnerware. The chardonnay sounds nice, but maybe instead you’ll go with a GLASS OF LIES AND A SIDE OF TRICKERY! *dramatically overturns table*

Because according to the a report out today from Oceana, there’s a good chance that’s what you’ll get if you order wild salmon at a restaurant during winter months…      Read more


East Coast Opposition to Offshore Drilling

Oceana has spearheaded a grassroots movement to prevent the Atlantic Coast from being opened to offshore drilling and seismic airgun blasting. To support these efforts and promote Oceana’s November 2015 Coastal Voices Summit, I produced this video:


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