Due to full-time work commitments, other projects, families, etc., we have been unable to more proactively pursue NBE’s mission. But we still believe in it and hope it continues to build on its own.

New Body Ethic is a project developed by myself and Kevin Moore, of Reembody Fitness. The goal is to bring together responsible health and fitness professionals who have signed a pledge to make the culture of fitness more inclusive, responsible, and hype-free. So far hundreds of professionals—personal trainers, doctors, dietitians, and more—from all over the world have signed the pledge. Our vision is that some day consumers will recognize NBE gyms and health centers as the gold-standard in evidence-based, client-centered health promotion and education.



 I shot the photos, wrote the copy, and developed the website. It’s a very cool project, I hope you’ll check it out, and share it with any health professionals you think might be interested.

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