Response to “Dear Consumers” comments

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This is a response to comments posted under this Scientific American Guest Blog post: Dear Consumers, Please Don’t Start Eating Healthfully. Hi everyone! Thanks for the conversation this has generated, both here, on Twitter, on my website, and all over the web. Pretty overwhelming. I want to address something that I think is really important, […]

Scientific American Guest Blog: A letter from the food industry

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Scientific American Guest Blog: A letter from the food industry

Happy to have another appearance in the Scientific American Guest Blog. Read the post on the SciAm website here. Dear American Consumers: Please don’t start eating healthfully. Sincerely, the Food Industry Dear Consumers: A disturbing trend has come to our attention. You, the people, are thinking more about health, and you’re starting to do something […]

How to Slackline!

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I recently finished a how-to video for my brother. I gave him and his fiancee a slackline for Christmas, and instead of explaining how to set it up over the phone, or have him sift through the scores of how-to videos out there, I used it as an opportunity for a new video project. Check […]