The Decline and Fall of Food: how our greatest fuel source became our greatest health threat

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Listen: The things we eat, how we eat, and the reasons we eat have fundamentally changed. For most of the history of life, food was scarce. It was our most valuable resource, the one thing that gave us the energy we needed to survive. Now our survival is less of an issue, and fossil fuels […]

Most Appetizing Film: Carrboro Film Fest 2012

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I have the deep, deep, honor of being awarded the certificate for “Most Appetizing Film” at the  2012 Carrboro film festival. I’m pretty sure it’s a category that they made up just for my piece, but nonetheless, I am proud to have made an impression. Mostly, I’m happy to have been on the same list […]

A new look at health and fitness

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I studied kinesiology in college and worked as a personal trainer for eight years. I never thought of it as a job. Building relationships with my clients and getting to see them make positive changes in their lives was incredibly rewarding. I miss training, and I hope some day I’ll be able to return to […]